Friday, November 19, 2010

A mission toward Good Governments

A few days ago, I attended a course entitled “Finances for Non-Financiers". In addition to numbers, formulas, and terms such as risk, debt, and social equity, we talked about Smartmatic’s mission. The teacher asked me to read it out loud at least five times. Two words caught his attention: efficiency and transparency.

Although we can often see these two lines, as this blog is open to all on the Internet, it seems appropriate to write them down for those who don’t know them: Smartmatic’s mission is to bring efficiency and transparency to societies around the globe, through the creation and implementation of innovative technologies.

What does that mean, bringing efficiency and transparency? Why did the instructor gaze wide-eyed? How are these goals relevant?  For us at Smartmatic, used to develop and deploy solutions for governments, it means that with our technology governments can become Good Governments.

Let's start by the 'ought to be', that is, by the ideal: societies should be based upon Good Governments which are participatory, consensus-oriented, responsible, transparent, effective and efficient, fair and inclusive, and rather importantly, governments which stick to the law. Smartmatic and its technologies rightly make it easier for governments to travel the path they must transit in order to fulfill their commitments towards citizens. 

How can a technology guarantee more transparent processes per se? An example would best explain it: when we say our Electoral Solution strengthens democracy around the world, it is because it is 100% exact, which guarantees that the results from every election conducted by Smartmatic are only determined by the will of the voters. How much untrustworthy results can cost a society, leading into serious doubts about whether the authorities elected are legitimate or not? In Mexico, in 2006, there were losses of approximately $10 billion, caused by strikes, protests and riots from various sectors after Lopez Obrador and Calderon clashed with each other in elections. A reliable and secure voting technology will make sure that nothing of the sort happens and that results, in spite of being too narrow, are accepted by all contenders. This is quite an important value, made available to Governments by our technology.

Another example is Smartmatic’s Identity Management Solution, designed to register and authenticate citizens in the most efficient and reliable way, with biographic and biometric data, thus eliminating identity fraud and the damages it causes to society. With citizens properly identified Governments will be better prepared to design and implement services and programs that effectively improve their quality of life.

We could continue listing the benefits of various technologies for specific Government processes, but I think with these two examples we can illustrate that Smartmatic designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens.
Samira Saba

Monday, September 06, 2010

Why do I believe in Smartmatic?

During my first meeting in Smartmatic some 6 years ago, I heard 3 engineers talking about a strict rule that was to be followed when developing any new piece of technology. My boss said these exact words to me: “Smartmatic’s technology must always work for the well-being of society”.  I must confess that from that moment on I was enthralled by Smartmatic and its people.

Our company goals and vision are well defined. They’re not hard to memorize since they can be found in every one of our corporate sites, expressed in various ways.  We have a sense of purpose and a set of values which we take very seriously; so much that we're summoned twice a year to write down the actions we have performed according to Smartmatic’s values.

Our technologies and solutions for Governments are already present around the globe. We have undertaken electoral projects in several countries, employing cutting-edge technology, certified and praised by international "watchdog" organizations. We are the elections company with the most votes registered worldwide: 1,500 million audited votes. This number may seem simple enough to read, but registering such an amount of votes with the utmost exactitude is a critical task. Guaranteeing that every single vote counts means to respect the will of millions; this is a clear example of technology used for the well- being of societies. 

Besides elections, we carry out electoral and civil registry projects, and several countries such as Mexico, Bolivia and Zambia have already benefited from our technology for managing their citizens’ identities.  Also, we offer public security solutions, proving that with the help of the right technology the efficiency of State security agencies can be maximized and even the consequences of natural disasters can be averted. We are developing solutions for public census and intelligent transportation.  As we move forward, we are fully convinced that by offering our technology, passion and excellence, the world can be a little better tomorrow.

This is the path we have chosen to travel. We dream of a world whose inhabitants are fully identified and every citizen has an ID card. We dream of countries ruled by legitimate leaders, elected via transparent elections. We dream of friendlier and safer cities where denizens enjoy high living standards. We will keep working until our dreams are fulfilled.
Samira Saba

Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome! We are the Smartmatic people

Hello! We’re excited to launch our non-official blog of Smartmatic employees. We are a youthful lot of computer geeks: engineers, developers, testers, product managers, marketers and executives who share the same passion for technology and for the company we are part of.

We want this blog to provide you with a scoop into our work and who we are.

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