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Antonio Mugica is the founder and CEO of the Smartmatic Group. Since the year 2000, he has defined the corporation’s vision and its goals. Mugica believes in a hands-on approach to management, and accordingly he actively participates in the strategic planning of all areas and departments. He is responsible for Smartmatic’s growth and international recognition as a leading supplier of technology and services related to Elections, ID Management, and Smart Cities. Mugica envisioned many of the technological solutions and breakthroughs which Smartmatic has made over time. As of 2013, he held 11 issued and 2 pending patents in the United States, with more under way. He has an Engineering Degree in Electronics from the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas (Venezuela).

One of Antonio Mugica’s strengths has been the ability to balance being both a leader and a team player. When he founded Smartmatic, Mugica wanted to create the kind of technology that could help improve societies around the world. The Elections Solution was created to eliminate voting fraud and solidify democracy. The ID Management Solution was designed to help governments provide their citizens with secure and agile identification means. The Public Safety Solution aims at solving crime prevention issues and at improving the response times of safety agencies. The Public Transport Solution uses various technologies to improve the quality of life of the people who use public transit services, and fulfilling crucial commitments of environment sustainability.

Antonio Mugica is always seeking ways to complement his work with other interests, such as music and writing. He enjoys playing and composing music and he wrote a children’s book that was recently awarded with the prestigious Moonbeam Children's Book Gold Medal in the Spanish Language category.

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