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Programmers, engineers, technicians and developers working on our solutions to make elections more transparent, and in this way, strengthen democracies; these are people who devote their time in creating the muscle and executing flawless elections in all five continents.

Here are some videos that our own people have captured at the countries where we work the most. Each experience is an achievement of Smartmatic’s work and commitment around the world. 

Biometric technology to build confidence in the Armenian elections

On April 2, 2017, Armenia held its parliamentary elections. The country’s poll body, Central Armenian Election Commission (CEC), tapped Smartmatic to provide voter authentication equipment and services.  

The VIU-815 allowed poll workers to inform voters where their corresponding voting center was, facilitating the administration of the overall process.

The solution Smartmatic provided was lauded by the International Election Observation Mission (IEOM) as a “useful tool for building confidence in the integrity of Election Day proceedings”.

E-voting to advance the future of elections in Kyrgyzstan 

In Kyrgyzstan we provided services for both the biometric registration of voters and e-voting, in order to showcase the power of our integrated electoral technology.

Our VIU-800 had its debut during the elections of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA), where it was used to provide voters with an all-in-one solution for biometric registration and authentication.

The students, when experiencing for the first time the advantages of the SAES-3377 voting machine, highlighted the value of technology for the modernization of elections in Kyrgyzstan.

 Sierra Leone: Contributing to the transparency of elections in Bonthe

In Bonthe, Sierra Leone, we contributed with our technology to achieve greater efficiency and speed in the results.

We offered services to modernize and expedite the transmission of results, which were certified by the Electoral Commission staff, previously registered with biometric technology.

Modernizing the civil registration system in Huancayo, Peru 

The Peruvian National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC) started a project to attend the needs for ID documentation of the country’s most vulnerable population segment using modern, up-to-date tools.
Between September 14 and 16 2015, an operation was deployed in the provinces of Huancayo and Chupaca, where our technology allowed data verification and citizen registration in an effective, speedy fashion using biometrics.  

The device used was the VIU-800, which has a camera, a fingerprint reader, a printer for registration vouchers, a reader for the digitalization of signatures, and several other tools. 

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