Monday, March 24, 2014

Smartmatic meets with different international election authorities

Matthijs Schippers
Last month, I had the privilege to represent our company during the 4th Annual Meeting of Election Management Bodies held from on February 24-26th in Tbilisi.

The event was hosted by the Central Election Commission of Georgia and had as main theme "Stakeholders Engagement and Effective Communication".
It is always a great experience to meet and discuss with election authorities from Europe, Asia and Africa, along with several international election-related organizations: IFES, UNDP, NDI (Central American Program), ACEEEO, IFE Mexico, OSCE and the International Centre for Electoral Psychology.

Our team not only had the pleasure to learn and listen to various interesting stories about their initiatives and remaining challenges to improve their electoral processes, but also took the opportunity to address the audience and share some experiences and observations from the perspective of a leading provider of electoral solutions and services.

As VP of Sales for Western and Northern Europe, I presented “A Bird’s Eye View on E-voting in Europe”, a comprehensive explanation of where Europe is today in terms of e-voting adoption and where it is heading. In doing so, the talk inevitably also touched upon developments in the past that led to today’s situation.

The response in the audience showed a genuine interest to learn from some of the mistakes in stakeholder engagement and effective communication as made by most European countries, when they embarked on e-voting programs in the past.

In another talk titled “Enhancing Transparency and Equality of the Electoral Process”, Edgar Fino, Worldwide Business Support Manager, presented success stories Smartmatic has had in Bolivia, Zambia, and Venezuela helping run more transparent and efficient elections by adopting biometric technology.

The experiences and lessons learned from Smartmatic’s recent voter identification projects triggered a tremendous appreciation for the magnitude and diversity of the challenges these projects imply. The audience understood how the combination of the right technology, project management capabilities linked with proper stakeholder engagement and clear public communication campaign are all key ingredients to a successful deployment. 

Two other Smartmatic colleagues, Alexander Rakov (VP Sales for Eastern Europe) and Juan Campodonico (Sales Support Manager EMEA), provided one-on-one demonstrations of the voting technology and services that have granted our company world-wide recognition as the election industry leader.

By sharing our experience and know-how, Smartmatic demonstrated that our commitment to serve electoral management bodies goes beyond the best of breed systems and services listed on our portfolio.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Knowing our Smartmatic women (part I)

Last February, the magazine Where Women Work featured a special report on some of our amazing Smartmatic ladies and how they are making a profound impact around the world. We invite you to read it to find out more about these fearless pioneers.

Account Associate Manager for APAC 

"Joining Smartmatic was one of the best decisions I've ever made." 

"There's nothing more fulfilling than being part of a company that brings about positive change in a country," says Filipinas. "In 2010, Smartmatic's automated election systems gave the Philippines fast, accurate and transparent elections for the first time. Their success directly resulted in political stability and economic growth - and I was right where history was made." 

Filipinas has worked in the ICT industry for over two decades, with special focus on sales and marketing. Prior to Smartmatic she was with Fujitsu, working across a broad range of industries including retail, banking and finance, government and commercial. 

In Smartmatic, Filipinas leads the APAC Sales Team, a group of professionals with a passion for excellence. The unit handles all pre-sales activities in the region. These include demonstrations, government project bids, events and exhibits. In addition, her team also spearheads Smartmatic's corporate responsibility activities and manages Smartmatic's public image. 

"Joining Smartmatic was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The company's significant social impact motivates me to perform to the best of my abilities. I particularly like how Smartmatic recognises excellence," says Filipinas. Barely a year after joining Smartmatic, she received the Dragon Award which is given to selected employees for exemplary performance surpassing expectation. 

"Working for Smartmatic has been a roller coaster ride filled with great successes and even greater challenges and I'm certainly looking forward to many further exciting opportunities."