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Since 2004 the city of Bogota has hosted the International Seminar on Transport Planning and since 2006 the Andean Exhibition of Traffic and Transport Technologies (better known as Andinatraffic) as well, events for the gathering of professionals on traffic planning, control and management of the Andean region, as well as suppliers of public transportation technology.

Smartmatic was present in Bogota on March 14th and 15th of this year for the third edition of Andinatraffic (2011), where the themes of the workshops and forums were the implementation of strategies for traffic control, the modernization of systems and technologies towards ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Models, the resizing of ticket points of purchase and integrated collecting systems. The high acceptance of our solution among the attendants, most of which were experts on the matter, was very satisfying.   

During Andinatraffic 2011 we had a stand in which we deployed our urban mobility solution, as well as a delegation formed by members of different departments of our company, who attended the courses.  Both at the stand and during the courses we were able to establish contacts with countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, whose representatives expressed interest on our solution.

As you can see, the diversity of topics addressed in these events aim to one single goal: providing adequate tools for the governments and authorities, so that they can achieve and guarantee sustainable urban mobility by improving the efficiency of public services, providing a better quality of life to their citizens. 

Smartmatic shares this goal to the fullest extent. In harmony with our mission to assume projects with a transcendental social value for citizens, we participated in Andinatraffic 2011 presenting our integral solution for public transportation, which employs cutting-edge technology and contemplates improvements on the quality of transportation services, security for passengers and workers, reliable information for statistics management, fraud control, an increase in the profits, operational optimization and tariff integration, among other benefits.

It is our wish to help build these new smart cities, where urban transportation is a fundamental axis for the functioning of modern economies, one that grants mobility to the citizens while being an ecologically friendly, affordable and inclusive public service.
Juan Garcia

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