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In these times we live in it’s not strange to hear or read about the importance of innovation as a propeller of the economic development of nations. The search for new and better ways to do things is one of the  engines that pushes hundreds of companies (ours included) to research, develop and try ideas, products or solutions that transform processes, improve efficiency and ultimately change our life and our world for the best. 

Working in an IT company that has innovation as one of its values forces us to see beyond what is known, what is considered as standard. We must constantly anticipate what is coming, what the world needs, and how we can materialize better solutions to satisfy those needs.

So, when I read this article on FastCoExist a few days ago, where they discuss the “8 new jobs people will have in 2025“, it was inevitable to think about the diversity of jobs that will originate from innovative technologies like ours, which daily change our surroundings and ways to do things, to the point of transforming the work itself and creating new job categories that seemed inconceivable before. 

"Digital Detox Specialist, Corporate Unorganizer, Digital Death Manager” – when reading these “future” job descriptions one may think it’s all a joke. Some may not materialize after all. But the idea behind the article is fascinating because it shows us that: 1. technology is an element that is intrinsically linked to our lives, to the point that it influences and will influence the way we communicate, study, the jobs we choose, job hunting and their execution. 2. innovation isn’t only a concept that we apply to a product, a computer program or a design, but it also involves transforming roles at the workplace, and changing us in the process. We need to keep looking ahead, anticipating the coming changes, learn new work methods and, why not? unlearn others.

As a company that develops technologies to create  a deep social impact, there is no doubt that many of these new jobs will spring from the need of having professionals capable of tackling the big challenges our future brings: an urban shepherd that oversees the proper operation of city infrastructures, and who knows how to handle resources; a vertical farmer that knows how to tend to vertical gardens designed to save space; a climate controller that manages and modifies weather patterns; a sustainability officer that implements eco-friendly policies in several environments. There will be dozens of new jobs that will require something more than a well prepared individual for their execution. Innovation will be a key quality in our lives. 

This is just the beginning!

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