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Guillermo Solís

The Smartmatic CONNECT programming marathon goes beyond a challenge for programming lovers; it's also a window we open here at Smartmatic not only to search for new talent, but to foster direct interaction between our partners and collaborators, in an activity where we all give our personal best to make the event a massive success. 

I can personally tell you this: it's an amazing experience! 

Many may see this as "another corporate event", but it isn't; it's a race against the clock, it truly is a "marathon" that begins long before the day of the contest and then reaches its grand finale. 

In many aspects, working for CONNECT replicates the methodology we apply to all projects we execute in Smartmatic: there are thousands of details to notice, from knowing where a cable goes, to answering e-mails, setting up the technological platform, programming the proper operation of the competitors' machines… all the way to hanging up the balloons that decorate the competition hall! So many variables, some more complex than others.  

As a team, this is an opportunity we get to interact as a perfectly wound clock: IT, General Services, HR, Communications, Products, etc. We are hundreds working with a single goal in our minds. The best of all is that when the day is done, as far as Smartmatic is concerned there isn't a unique winner - we all win when the tasks and activities of the event have been executed and we see the fruits of our successfully completed labour.   

This year will see the fifth edition of Smartmatic CONNECT in Venezuela and the first one in Panama. Both were a resounding success, we learned new lessons and held Smartmatic's name high. Are you ready for the challenge? At Smartmatic, we always are! 

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