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September is “back to school” month for many parents and children around the world. The summer holidays are over and going back to our routines is unavoidable. This is why we thought it’d be great to talk about parenthood in Smartmatic.

Because we love incredible challenges, we have decided to open the “Pandora box” and ask some of our double parents to share confessions and anecdotes about their no-so-secret life as super working parents. By double parents we mean couples in which both, mother and father, work for the company.

In the next posts, we’ll meet three double Smartmatic parents: Ana and Heider, Geraldine and Arquimedes (Kimo) and, Yoslanie and Juan Jose, who have decided to share some unexpected truths about the challenge of combining their roles at home and the office.

Ana and Heider: “We have become expert jugglers”

Ana and Heider are the parents of two-year old Andrea Lucía. Ana reveals that balancing their jobs with parenthood has been very intense. “We both work full time and we not only take care of one daughter but also of two other ‘sons’: our dogs Luk and Draco. Meeting their needs and our own has been rather challenging. In doing so, we’ve become expert jugglers.

According to Ana the experience has made them more efficient and productive. “We have been forced to better organise ourselves. Schedules are now very important to us, as we realised that we are now depending on our family schedule more than on our own activities.”

Quality time is, without a doubt, a vital subject when talking to working young parents. And Ana confirms it: “We are not longer able to bring home loads of extra work, because we know we have a limited amount of time during the day to share with the baby and the family.”

On the other hand, as a positive note, Ana mentions that inside the office, she perceives a lot of understanding and sympathy towards parenthood. “The year Andrea was born, were also born Juan Diego, Sofía, Mateo e Ignacio, among other Smartmatic babies. All these firstborns came to our Smartmatic family one after another.” This created a first-time parents relation in the workplace. “As parents, we are always asking each other questions and sharing stories, because we are all living similar experiences.”

However, Ana warns that one significant lesson Heider and herself have learned, being surrounded by multiple parents in a similar situation, is the importance of being mindful and respectful of other’s beliefs. “We understand that every parent has his/her own style and we all need to respect that.”

Asked about one of those anecdotes as parents in Smartmatic; Ana enjoys the fact that when their little Andrea comes to the office, they find the most diverse opinions about who she truly resembles. “Some of our colleagues say she takes after me, others consider she looks more like her dad and some others change their mind every single time they see her, as her features are constantly changing. For us, it is hilarious to see all the different views!”

Either way, Ana and Heider are a couple that has successfully found a way to have fun as a family while keeping up with Smartmatic’s work-rhythm; and yes, it makes us proud!

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