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“We are planting seeds that will soon sprout, grow, and bear us the fruits of important [market] presence, recognition and success”. These are the words our Sales Support Sr. Manager, Edgar Fino, uses to describe all the travels he has embarked on, publicising our labour as the best elections company worldwide. 

With over 7 years in our family, Edgar has visited Smartmatic offices in Manila, São Paulo, Boca Raton, Panama and Amsterdam to help with presentations of our projects and products.  “Every proposal we deliver gives us satisfaction— firstly, because we won a bid or it was a successful operation, and secondly because we know we are helping to make our experience and our contributions to democracy and societies to be better recognized around the globe”.

His most recent experience outside Venezuela (where he usually works) was a visit to Smartmatic’s HQ in Amsterdam. Edgar brought work proposals for the United Kingdom (G-Cloud), Egypt, Ghana, Oman, Armenia, and other countries. 

“The day-to-day pace in Holland is very hectic. EMEA is a region that covers many countries, which means there is a lot of work being done in presales to drum up business for the company”, Edgar said about the work pace.  His daily tasks included interacting and spending time with sales representatives assigned to different markets: Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, France, England and Bulgaria.

Edgar describes Amsterdam as a city “where everything seems to be in place” and where there is absolute punctuality, combined with a high level of professionalism in any public or private institution, from healthcare to transportation, which generates harmony between the citizens and the environment they are in. 

In this visit to the Dutch capital, he was able to spend time with coworkers and get to know the locals from this multicultural city —from up close. 

Although he has visited over six Smartmatic sites all over the globe, Edgar does not prefer any in particular.  “I like all the offices I’ve visited. In all of them you can feel the spirits and the drive of every member of the Smartmatic family.  You feel how the locals imprint the local culture onto the place. This variety in cooperation enriches the experience, and it adds technical and business prowess to what we do every day”.

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