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The May 9 elections in the Philippines set before and after checkpoints for Smartmatic. 

This deployment, which involved thousands of workers, has become a source of pride and a collection of unforgettable experiences for the employees who left their usual workplaces for a few months, in order to travel to this island nation and leave a mark in its electoral history. 

Rosa Vento, Global Procurement and Supply Chain Director and Franklin Mendoza, PMO Project Manager, traded their offices in Panama and Venezuela for the Philippines, contributing their tireless efforts for this election’s success.  

“Teamwork that made for an unforgettable experience”

Rosa Vento travelled from Panama to the Philippines to take part in the May 9 elections.  This country represented “a new challenge, a new chance to overcome obstacles. This was great, interesting, different teamwork”. Such teamwork made the largest voting machine deployment in history possible. 

This archipelago of over 7,000 islands impressed Rosa, as did the kindness of its people, and the beauty of the few landmarks she could visit while she was working to accomplish the project’s goals. 

Rosa worked for months, day and night, having experiences that created tight bonds with her team and drove them to success.  “It was an unforgettable experience. We laughed, we cried, we got mad, but above all, we came together in good times and bad times, and bonds of friendship were made that go beyond professional ties, which is priceless”. 

This spirit of comradery has been with her during every trip she has taken for Smartmatic.  For her, every one of the HQ she has visited (Venezuela, Belgium, Panama, Boca Raton and the Philippines) is different, but they all share the same Smartmatic atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork she has always liked.  

Her greatest satisfactions is having been part of a project in which she faced “every challenge with passion and dedication” to make these elections the best the Philippines had had. “It was my pleasure and my pride to do so. I’d do it again as many times as necessary”.  

“Improving times and breaking records”. 

Franklin Mendoza had the chance to travel from Venezuela to the Philippines to work on the control processes for ballot printing.  His work team was active 24/7 to meet their daily goals, and break a record in the process: 56 million single ballots printed in 45 days

After contributing to this task, Franklin was present at the call centre.  “I worked at the call centre, dealing with incidents in the voting process at Filipino embassies in different countries. This was also a 24 hours a day operation”. 
During his visit to the Philippines (the only Smartmatic office he has known besides Venezuela) he was impressed by the level of development the country is experiencing and the high level of activity in its cities. 

“Any time during the night you could see people working, the traffic on the roads was incredible, which shows the people’s level of activity”, he remembers. Franklin was also impressed by the growth of the real estate sector, which is active “24/7, building skyscrapers and other buildings.” 

His trip to the Philippines leaves him with the satisfaction of “having contributed to the execution of a successful project, improving on the delivery times and breaking the ballot printing records to that date.” 

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