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The Smartmatic Taiwan team have something clear: the light at the end of the tunnel is called “quality”. It does not matter how hard the road present itself. The secret to success, according to Paul Chen (Senior Hardware Branch Manager), it is having a team that work with cohesion and who share common aims to produce the best quality products.

The hardware development team is responsible for an important part of all the magic within Smartmatic’s creation and design of products and devices. Yet, their work is full of challenges.

“Our most pressing challenges include: the increasing workload we are facing although we have been under staff for quite a long time; the need to solve a number of issues in really short time to meet the target schedule and; the responsibility to produce the best machines without any delay for meeting our customers’ deadlines,” ponders Paul.

But for Chen and all the Taiwan team, there is only one way to face challenging times. They announce it with a mixture of calmness and fun -convinced there is no better way- “Work hard!  Work Harder! Work Harder and harder, to solve the problems.”

Working hard is te first step, but there is much more into achieving the company’s objective for their team. “We are united” shares Paul, when describing  the work environment of over 25 people building the Smartmatic Taiwan HDM group.

That unity comes from learning together how to bring some Smartmatic values to the everyday life of the office. “The top 5 highlights of our jobs here are working with integrity, honesty and candor, trying to be efficient and commited in everything we do as a team.”

It has not being difficult to follow this motto, taking into account that Paul lists among the top strengths his team brings into the company:

1.      Good internal communication and fast react to the tasks
2.       We share the passion and commitment to develop the best quality machines, while always meeting the customer’s schedule
3.       Smartmatic Taiwan is an ISO certified company. We have very clear and stricts procedures and protocols to follow, ensuring we can develop and produce the best quality machines.”    

The Taiwan troop is another example of the way we do things in Smartmatic. We believe working hard to achieve quality goes hand in hand with building a solid and cohesive team.

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