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At Smartmatic, we are confident that the future of democracy is digital. Each day more people around the globe are leveraging technology to speak their minds and participate in decision making.

But the road to that future is paved with obstacles. Mike Summers, our online voting ‘evangelist’, is taking a leading role in promoting a healthy debate around the issues preventing digital democracy from becoming a worldwide reality.

Here are five (5) instances in which Mike Summers publically showed us how to take the intersection of technology and democracy one step further:

1.     Enlightening us with the idea that voting with a ‘selfie’ it is not a science fiction illusion, but rather a reality with Smartmatic’s authentication technology. Who would that thought that voting with a selfie could be the key to a more politically engaged electorate?  

2.     Providing food for thought with sharp-witted questions such as “Can too much democracy be a bad thing? Does 'voter fatigue' or 'voter burnout' actually exist and if so, how can we eliminate it without limiting access to the democratic process itself?”… Alternatively, does the postal voting, jeopardize the opportunity for governments to run valid and credible elections?

3.     Defying common myths and concerns about the security of electronic elections, with technical arguments and industry expertise.

4.     Becoming an advocate for electronic voting transparency (through its verifiability feature), while being critical of governments not doing enough to enhance voter participation and voting accessibility.

5.     Sharing his optimism for the future of e-voting and digitaldemocracy, whether in the UK or around the world.

Let’s keep the debate going!

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