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In September 2005 electoral experts from around the world attended a conference in Hungary to discuss the need to strengthen democracy.
One of the ideas that came out of this conference was Global Elections Day – a day to confirm our belief in the democratic process.
And these experts decided it should take place on the first Thursday of February, because they noted that most of the international agreements in the field of elections were signed on – or around – this date.
So how can we commemorate this day? Well, the Association of Central and Eastern European Electoral Officials (ACEEEO) have a number of suggestions:
•  Inform the public of new achievements and challenges relating to various different types of voting systems.
•  Get the attention of parliaments, governments, politicians and world leaders – remind them how important their roles are in promoting a culture of democracy and high levels of voter participation.
•  Influence first time voters and young voters to commit themselves to democratic issues.
So let’s mark the day by paying tribute to the ACEEEO for encouraging us to keep advancing along our path towards success – and towards more efficient, just and democratic societies.
And let’s mark Global Elections Day by asking ourselves how we can better follow their three suggestions.

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