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Image: Noel Roldan
 It’s 7.20 p.m. at the Comelec Command Center. The air is heavy with excitement, an unmistakable undercurrent of electricity energizing the entire venue. A Babel of voices and other noises combine into once magnificent thrum that turns the tent into a giant beehive.

Cesar Flores, Smartmatic Asia Pacific President, converses animatedly with some Comelec officials. Another Smartmatian, eyes bleary from sleeplessness, sip noisily from his ninth cup of brewed coffee. The polls had been closed for twenty minutes and everyone is on tenterhooks, hungry for any news from the field.

Image: Noel Roldan
Suddenly, cheers break out. Results of the elections start to come in, first as a trickle, then a steady pour. Jubilation. Pride. A mix of emotions washes over everyone in the Command Center, everyone high on the thrill of being part of unfolding history.

“It’s showtime” beams one Smartmatian.

A few hours later, Filipinos already knew who the clear winners of the elections were. In two days, the Comelec already proclaimed six of the twelve senators.

As in 2010, Smartmatic’s electoral technology delivered lightning fast results, flabbergasting everyone.

For Smartmatic employees, the success of the 2013 elections was all the validation we needed -the sleepless nights working weekends had not been in vain-.

When asked about how it is to be working for The Elections Company, a Smartmatian said that he felt great pride in being part of a company that actually serves democracy.

“Not everybody is given the chance to be part of a team that really makes a difference in a country’s life. Fast, accurate and transparent elections. These are the things that brought political stability into the Philippines. And look where the economy is now.”

“We rock,” he said.
Franklin De la Cruz

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