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Managing the work we do in 15 countries can be a daunting task. No other company has helped cast or count as many votes as Smartmatic – more than 2.3 billion in over 3,500 elections around the globe. And our people show a deep sense of commitment, pride and sense of belonging, as well as trust and future company vision. See how Ruliena has contributed to our success.

Operational Planning Senior Manager

"My job always involves challenges that push me to learn and grow every day. I've worked with Smartmatic for many years. It's a dynamic company that's three times bigger than when I started!". 

Initially, Ruliena worked in Smartmatic's global services area to deploy best practice in its electoral solutions. She was then relocated to Asia as project manager. She managed large-scale elections with multidisciplinary, international teams. The most relevant was the 2010 Elections in the Philippines which were the first automated elections in Southeast Asia and the biggest elections ever managed by a private company. 

The elections were automated using Smartmatic products and services. "It was an amazing opportunity to lead a team of around 200 people from different countries and different knowledge areas. It was the richest experience I've enjoyed so far," enthuses Ruliena. 

"I currently live in Panama, leading the operational planning office that supports our chief operating officer. I'm in charge of translating the company strategy into operational results and supporting the various areas' VPs in creating implementation roadmaps, leading the implementation of better practices- and ensuring proper communication, measurability and governance across the organization," explains Ruliena. 

But 'soft skills' are also very important at Smartmatic. Employees achieve goals from combining hard work, passion and the combined smartness of many people. 

"The capacity to communicate and to serve, the perseverance, the empathy to understand others' perspectives are all very important. I create valuable relationships in all areas of my life," says Ruliena. 

"I'm in charge of translating the company strategy into operational results."


Ruly said...

Proud to be Smartmatic!

Ruly said...

Proud to be Smartmatic!

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