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Erika Isabel Montiel Schweitzer
The Smartmatic Dragon is an award to excellence, and a recognition presented to those who have exerted themselves to give their best. This year’s Smartmatic Dragon recipients: Bejiccy Delgado, Eduardo Mandry and Pedro Mugica have truly deserved this award.

In my experience, as a first time participant of the Dragon ceremony, it is a call to all of us to keep improving.

In our Caracas headquarters, Bejilccy and Eduardo received their awards in a warm, friendly ceremony, filled from the start with music and stories. Legends were told about the mystic powers of dragons, and how their strengths are projected in our Company through the Smartmatic Dragon award, which seeks to recognize outstanding achievements when pursuing goals.

Each award recipient was introduced by the respective area leader. Mayra Olivo, our General Manager in Smartmatic Venezuela, singled out Bejilccy’s tenacity and outstanding ability to execute projects, besides her great skills to relate to clients.

Manuel Vasquez, Technology Manager, then presented the award to Eduardo and emphasized his excellent performance since he started working at Smartmatic.

Personally, it was truly moving to see the joy on the winner’s faces after being awarded with the Dragon. Bejilccy Delgado said she was very satisfied to have received the award and how this will keep her motivated to take on new challenges. “This award helps us set up further goals on a daily basis. Receiving the Dragon means your work has reached the bosses, the client, and most important of all, it means it has been useful.”

Eduardo Mandry, who was very touched, said that although he was the one taking the Dragon home, the truth is that this award “reflects the success of a whole team. This Dragon is not only mine; it also belongs to my team's fellows. I must thank all the people in the Technology and Elections teams. The work was not carried on by a single person. This Dragon is shared with all of you.”

Pedro Mugica, the third Dragon 2014, is currently working in our Boca Raton headquarters. For that reason he could not attend the ceremony, and we could not witness his reaction. However, according to some people, when he received the news on the phone, he was speechless for a while, and then he got as excited as Bejilccy and Eduardo.

After this experience, I can say that the lesson to be learned here is to understand how important it is to trust yourself when you are trying to achieve the goals that you have set up for all facets in your life.

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