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Social media has transformed all the spheres of our daily lives. As expected, the workplace has also been affected. 

According to an Ipsos study, half of Microsoft employees consider that they would be more productive if they accessed social media at work.
Those who are in favour consider that, by keeping the staff spirits up and increasing their disposition to do perform daily tasks, social media has a positive impact on work performance. 

However, this opinion is shared only by a third of Microsoft’s supervisors.  The other two thirds consider that these sites have a negative effect on efficiency and productivity.  Therefore, several companies explicitly forbid the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

At the margin of this debate, companies have discovered that social media are an important tool for strategic workplace communication.  For instance, our CEO Antonio Mugica has increased his online presence in 2016. From his twitter @AntonioMugica and his Facebook profile, he has been a spokesman for our recent projects and accomplishments.

He has invited all members of the Smartmatic family to spread the news on our recent successful deployments.

Sharing the success, we have reaped is a very effective way to make employees identify with the company, and the workday more pleasant and productive. 

There are pros and cons to social networking.  It’s up to the individuals to gauge the quantity and quality of time they devote to these sites and to their work obligations. 

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