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Defining a “workspace” in Smartmatic is a complicated task. Why? Because it can mean many different things. Which is to say, it means something different to each employee.

Although we have engineers and salespeople who seek new clients or support projects in the field, those of us who spend most of the time at a desk know that fulfilling certain daily tasks can be hard. 
Thankfully, there are several strategies to deal with boredom and increase office productivity. 
Having adequate lighting, a plant, a well-placed and orderly desk, background music during stressful moments, and photos of our favourite places can all be  details that bolster creativity and energy in the workplace. 

In addition to these details, experts recommend the following tactics to increase your productivity:

Surround yourself with things that make you happy When you spend over 8 hours in the office it is necessary to surround yourself with objects that energize you.  HR specialists recommend adorning your desk with pictures of trips you have taken, family photos (to remind you who you are working for), your kids’ toys or even a plant you can care for during stressful periods. 

Look through the window Although sometimes it can be complicated, it is advised to have your desk set next to a window.  That way you will get sunlight, which is beneficial to your health, you will have the chance of relaxing your eyesight by staring into something beyond your computer screen, and be able to take in your surroundings. 

Have a daily planner at hand Having a space near your desk to place important information, a calendar or a daily planner, can be very useful.  The important thing is knowing how to combine work with activities that relax you, like reciting a mantra or any motivational phrase; try also to incorporate the colour blue in your office space, since according to studies it projects calm and tranquillity. 

Music to focus In time when the office fills with chatter noise, activities and distractions, you can  listen to your favourite music to focus  on the tasks at hand.  A good rhythm will increase your creativity and energy, which at the end of the day will be rewarded with better work results. 

With this initial suggestions you will be able to turn around your work environment so you feel more at ease, and be more productive during your daily tasks.  The goal is to try different things over time and see which give you the most energy and creativity.  

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