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Mildred vividly remembers that day twelve years ago when she started working at Smartmatic as a Documentation Analyst. Like it was yesterday, she can still recall that heady feeling that swept over her at the realization that she was working with a company imbued with a sense of purpose.    

Now a Deployment Services Manager, she hasn’t lost any of that pride. Now, more than ever, she is convinced that Smartmatic is a company on a mission. She realizes too that one’s success inside the company comes with deep commitment and an affinity for the values and principles of Smartmatic.
For her, it’s not so much the personality that matters but the everyday attitude what make the difference.

When it comes to promotions, Mildred believes that slow and steady beats a meteoric rise. “I have been growing both personally and professionally in the company. One step at a time,” she says.

As Deployment Services Manager within the Global Services team, Mildred is in charge of human resources related to deployment of logistics and operations in support of requirements set by Project Managers.

“Despite the many challenges faced, I have always given the best of myself,” says Mildred, who swears that the countless ups and downs have helped her to turn her weaknesses into strengths and become a better person.

Mildred recognizes two important traits of team-players in Smartmatic: a service orientation and a helpful attitude towards a co-workers; both critical in fostering an ideal work environment and an exceptional corporate culture.

“While at work, I have cried and laughed. I feel part of a great family, “ Mildred says. “Helping each other has always been our motto.”

As with any other family, achievements start with individual effort and passion.  
“In Smartmatic, you need to have LOVE for what you do. And you need to be consistent and to stay committed to your goals, to be more than a fellow worker (become a friend) and always pursue excellence with great humility.”

For some colleagues like Mildred, the beauty of life is not necessarily finding success but also lies in feeling inspired even by the smallest details.

 “Nobody said it was going to be easy, but nobody said it is supposed to be too hard either. Whether it goes one way or another depends on us and the love we put into everything we do.” 

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